AMAL Foundation Benificiary

Akabar Ali

Akbar Ali is a poor rickshaw puller; he took the rickshaw on rent from its owner. However, he barely earns from this as he had to give a fixed amount to the owner. He  eats day to day and he is not sure of his current source of income which can do something in the future.

He wants to do something on his own, that is why he approached us with a hope to get a rickshaw on his own, so that he can be self-sufficient.

Current Address: Moddho Kakra, Nautara, Dimla, Nilfamari

Phone Number: 01767191273

Current Occupation: Rickshaw puller

update 1

Received a rickshaw under the project

Date: 21/6/2021

update 2

update 3

update 4

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