AMAL Foundation Benificiary

Md Jamiyur Rahman

Jamiyur moved to Dhaka due to lack of money. He was employed as an operator in various garment factories in Dhaka. Suddenly one day he contracted an unknown disease. Later he had to undergo an operation which cost all the money he saved from working in the garments. By grace of Allah, his operation made his condition better. However, he was not able to stay anymore and decided to move away from Dhaka. He is not struggling to earn, sometimes at the end of the day he has to return empty handed.

He wants to be self-sufficient to stand by her family and people. He can strengthen his income if any arrangements are made for him under the project.

Address: Moddho kakra, Nautara, Dimla, Nilfamari

Phone Number: 01750309523

update 1

Received a goat as per his demand

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update 3

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