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Parven is a mother of four. The husband is a farmer, the family lives on the livelihood of his only income. With great difficulty, Parveen married one of her daughters. Now, they are in destitute because the family had to give dowry to the in-laws ‘ family. At this point of life Parveen,s husband is struggling to take the helm of the family. Parveen is working hard to support her husband by working in the homes of people in areas 

Parveen thinks if she is given a goat under the empowerment project, she will hopefully be benefited. Moreover, there is a scheduled place in her area for animal husbandry, where it plays an important role in raising animals. It would also support parveen in raising the goat with proper

Address: Moddho Kakra, Nautara, Dimla, Nilfamari

Phone Number: 01738590942

Current Occupation: Housewife

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Received a goat

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