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Rokeya is a housewife and mother of four children. The eldest daughter is physically unstable. Rokeya’s entire family depends on the day labourer husband. They cannot eat proper nutritious food because they can not afford it. As a result, an unknown disease has taken hold in Rokeya;s body. At the end on=f the day, husband. S income often ends up buying medicine in a day for Rokeya. Again how will they arrange their daily meal?

Rokeya’s family very much needs cooperation from us. Not for herself, but for her children, whom she can not ignore to look at. This is why she wants to stand on her feet.

She urges to stand by her side by including her under this subsidy project and support her with livestock for her living.

Current Address: Nautara, Dimla, Nilfamari

Phone Number: 01960283321

Occupation: Housewife

update 1

Received a goat under the empowerment project

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