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Shapla Begum

Shapla begum, the daughter of a middle class family, has lost her husband’s family land to Teesta. She is living with her family in one room only. At the other end, there is a 

They are fighting with scarcity every day for livelihood. After a few months they need to make arrangements for their daughter’s wedding. However, the cost of her other children’s education and monthly expenses is rising more than they can bear. for her children, but she can’t afford it. Her husband’s deceitful eyes and her children’s desire have turned their lives into a rock. They don’t have enough capital to run her small tea shop. 

Shapla Begum prayed for our support for building a small grocery shop near her area so that she could stand on her feet financially for her children and her family.

Current Address: Taltola, Khalisha Chapani Union, Dimla, Nilfamari

Phone Number: 01722964839

Current Occupation: small tea seller

update 1

Made her a small shop under the empowerment project.

update 2

update 3

update 4

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